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We have genuine passion for what we do! The transformation we witness every day is inspirational. Dress for Success Columbus provides women with tools for success through workforce readiness and employment retention programs.

Any woman referred to our mission by a non-profit community partner is eligible for service; all programs are free of charge. Download a copy of our Client Services Brochure here.

At Dress for Success Columbus, it’s not only about the clothes, but that’s where it starts … and what woman doesn’t feel empowered in a great looking, figure-flattering, “I’ve Arrived!” outfit? When women initially come to Dress for Success Columbus, they are usually preparing for a job interview. Clients are referred to us by over 100 non-profit partners throughout Central Ohio who have witnessed first-hand the difference Dress for Success Columbus’ encouraging programs make with women. Women are provided personalized, one-on-one care with Interview & Employment Suiting.

During the first appointment we welcome clients to our Career Center where women can search for jobs, polish their resume, use software tutorials, improve their data entry skills and network with peers and employers.  The Career Center offers both self-led and group workshop programs, and is available without an appointment during agency hours Monday through Thursday. The Career Center is appointed with 6 laptops with internet, printer, fax, copier and a library of community resource information. We encourage women to attend our Friday programs facilitated by professionals who are experts in their field.

Once initial orientation is provided in the Career Center, clients are introduced to their personal stylist who helps to select interview-appropriate apparel for try-on in a private fitting area, putting together the perfect ensemble, including a suit or separates and blouse, shoes, jewelry, a handbag, undergarments, and an accenting scarf.  Women are also given a supply of personal care and cosmetics.

All items selected are wrapped with care, and before the appointment is complete we encourage participation in the Career Center, and confirm that clients have information regarding our work-readiness programs.  Clients are surveyed on their experience to ensure exceptional service, and then on their way to looking and feeling great for their upcoming interviews! Together with our clients, we experience hope renewed and dignity regained. We hear stories of courage and determination.  All the while, we encourage and share a common bond all women who have rebounded from challenging circumstances can understand.

Once clients secure employment the celebration begins! Clients schedule their Employment Suiting (another referral is not required, clients contact us directly) and work with a personal stylist to select a weeks’ worth of workplace appropriate apparel and accessories. We offer suits, separates, medical uniforms/scrubs, trades wear and business casual apparel to build a wardrobe that fulfills their day-to-day work attire requirements.  Additional shoes, handbags, undergarments, jewelry and accessories are added to their wardrobe, along with personal care products. We know it is as important that women feel as confident and empowered when entering the workplace as they did on their job interview.

Employed clients are eligible to apply for membership in Professional Women’s Group, known as PWG.  PWG is an exclusive career-development alliance.  The program promotes employment retention and career advancement by providing valuable skill-building information in a safe environment to network with other professionals.  It is the first and only employment retention model that moves low-income women towards self-sufficiency by addressing social and economic needs in relation to work, home and community.

PWG sessions are hosted throughout the month in various locations.  Members can attend meetings at any Dress for Success affiliate throughout the world. Workshop topics are based on 4 components that focus in on real-world issues that we all face in our every day lives:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Health and Wellness
  • Professional Development
  • Civic Leadership

Dress for Success Columbus understands that a woman’s career development is an ongoing process.  Our Women2Women (W2W) Mentoring Program addresses the need for additional support during this time by connecting employed women with experienced mentors who provide one-on-one guidance to help women shape, pursue, and attain their career goals.

Rounding out our full-spectrum of programs is our annual Success InSight Conference. Success InSight is an innovative, free-of-charge day of empowerment exclusively for Dress for Success Columbus clients! Participants learn valuable InSight from inspiring experts during panel discussions and networking. The experience motivates women  to keep their personal and professional success In Sight!

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