Overheard at Dress for Success Columbus:

Rhonda Hightower“I am grateful for the entire experience. Everyone was so helpful with getting my resume and documents together, and helping me pick items to fit my body style and current fashion for my interview.  I GOT THE JOB and today got my weeks worth of clothing. Wow!  I now have the confidence to put my best foot forward ON MY FIRST DAY OF WORK! HOORAY!”

“Dress for Success Columbus truly makes you FEEL successful before you walk out the door. The staff take their time to ensure that your best you is interview & work ready! So many beautiful clothing & accessory choices! If you don’t already feel like a professional woman, you will by the time you leave – dressed for real-life success!”

“You helped me to shine.”

Juanita Johnson 3

“I truly enjoyed working with my personal stylist. He was very personable, friendly and with lots of experience. He was able to select some very nice pieces that will work well with my job! A wonderful experience…so nice to have Dress for Success Columbus in my life!”

[I enjoyed] having the workers laugh with me and just having fun while trying to find something that suited me!”

“My personal stylist put me in a color and top I would have never picked and I loved it! It was an awesome time and self-esteem booster. Thank you so much. This was greatly appreciated.”

Kelli Cox


“I don’t have too much experience with business attire. But the stylists were excellent in mixing/matching items to make me look like “She’s ready to hire!” With our short time together, I’ve found new friends. Thank you!”

“All of the services that I have received at Dress for Success Columbus were wonderful. My stylist was a pleasure to work with! I am looking forward to being involved with Professional Women’s Group as well. I really appreciate everything – thank you!”

“I loved the attention – I felt like a star. I left feeling ready to take on Columbus!”

“Everything was helpful – especially access to the job help center. The ladies were very welcoming and made me feel very much like a successful woman. Thank you so much.”

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