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Every person has pain. Every woman has a walk. Somewhere along your journey, life has broken your heart or knocked you to your knees. Yes, you got back up, but with less faith in yourself. You became afraid to believe again, dream again, move again and instead, played it safe, ESPECIALLY in your business and career.

You KNOW you are undercharging, over-giving, and working way too hard. You have envisioned a different you but each time you are reminded of the past pain that sucker-punched you, you either back down or make nice. What if you turned that pain into drive to do more? What if you have a million-dollar money maker you NEVER considered because it’s not located in your degrees, credentials, or your relentless work ethic? What if the key to your seven-figure success is not located in your brain, but in your pain? In this conversation, you will discover what it takes to turn your “mess” into MILLIONS with purpose! Join us and Ashanti Lancaster for an insightful conversation on turning pain into purpose.

About Ashanti Lancaster

Introducing Ashanti Lancaster: a dynamic blend of entrepreneur,life coach, leader, pastor, and motivational speaker, all rolled into one vibrant personality hailing from Columbus, Ohio. Ashanti’s journey is not just about titles; it’s about transformation. Married to her best friend and partner in life, Julius, they share the joy of parenting three wonderful children and navigating the adventures of life together. 

Ashanti’s passion lies in empowering women worldwide, guiding them to unlock and embrace the immense potential within themselves and transform it into their guiding light. Alongside Julius, she leads the All Nations Worship Assembly Columbus, where they both serve as lead pastors, creating a community that nurtures growth, faith, and purpose. 

But Ashanti’s influence doesn’t end there. She has a unique talent for identifying and nurturing the spark in women, especially entrepreneurs, propelling them toward their ultimate purpose with her insightful business coaching. Her approach is both empowering and practical, making her not just a coach but a catalyst for change. 

Join Ashanti on this exhilarating journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where every interaction promises to be a step toward realizing your potential and living a life filled with promise and purpose. 

You can follow her on instagram at Potential_to_Promise or on the web at www.potentialtopromise.com

About Empower Her

Empower HER is a monthly empowerment series featuring inspirational speakers, panel discussions, life-changing workshops and trainings designed to help ALL women claim their power, pursue growth and level up in work and in life. Watch us on Facebook or Youtube!


Jun 13 2024


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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