Through the network of support in our community, women served by Dress for Success Columbus were able to increase their hourly wage from $11.67 to $12.50 last year.  We’re ecstatic about this progress, but there is so much more to do!

Thank you for joining us to Be The Power! With your support, more than 130 women now have the business attire needed to feel confident, professional and beautiful as they begin their next chapter. With your support, amazing women continue to receive the career tools needed to succeed in work and in life. Thank you for empowering women and changing lives

We are incredibly grateful to the following donors who are the power!

Radiance Donors 

  • Cyndy Bass
  • Kate Bauer
  • Jill Brown Dean
  • Amy Burden
  • Mia Hairston
  • Harriette Hansell
  • Angel Harris
  • Janet E. Jackson
  • Ellen Lemberger
  • Christina McLemore
  • Meghan Mader
  • Nichole Reiss
  • Renee Resnik
  • Jennifer Savage
  • Lucy Soares DeMelo
  • Lynn Stowe
  • Lynne and Martyn Redgrave
  • Amanda Turner
  • Carla Williams Scott
  • Dr. JoAnna Williamson

Chic Donors

  • Stephanie Campolo Merkle
  • Janet Doyle
  • Blair Hilliard
  • Jennifer Hurd
  • Ashley Matthews
  • Bonnie Maupin
  • Bridgett McKinnon
  • Anamaria Perales-Lang
  • Michelle Sherrick
  • LaVedra Strong
  • Stacey Wideman Muladore and Nils Muladore
  • Beverly Wright

Glamour Donors

  • Rachida Aaraichi
  • Alison Armstrong
  • Andrea Barker
  • Brenna Bartlett
  • Emily Bennett
  • Kris Booth
  • Rebecca Bostrom
  • Jessica and Jarrod Bradbury
  • Andrea Cambern
  • Darci Congrove
  • Danni Diol
  • Julia Grisdela
  • Nicki Haas
  • Jameka Humphries
  • Marium Husain
  • Glynis Jackson
  • Tasha Jones
  • Denise Loftus
  • Donna Makapela
  • Dawn McMaster
  • Monique Moore
  • Stephanie Mosley
  • Cynthia Neubert
  • Roughiatou Ngaide
  • Kristen O’Driscoll
  • Rhea Opiniano
  • Olivia Patterson
  • Jan Pekula
  • Amanda Pentzer
  • Molly Preston
  • Carol Rollins
  • Brittany Savko
  • Danielle Starks
  • Celeste Taylor
  • Diane Trotta

Sparkle Donors

  • Fred Gablick
  • Cynthia Lovas
  • Susie Schilling

It’s not too late to join in this empowering campaign! Please consider giving one hour of your pay each month to help more women achieve economic independence. As an added bonus, with the following giving levels, we have some AMAZING incentives – including tickets to our feature events Beyond the Suit and Dine.Drink.Dress, our distinctive car magnet, and “In Honor of You” cards (perfect to celebrate the women in your life doing incredible things!) .

  • $50 – GLOW ($4.25/month)
    • Five (5) “In Honor Of You” cards
  • $100 – SPARKLE ($8.50/month)
    • Car Magnet
    • Five (5) “In Honor Of You” cards
  • $250 – GLAMOUR ($21/month)
    • One (1) ticket to either Beyond the Suit or Dine.Drink.Dress.
    • Recognition on our website
    • Special seating at events
    • Name tag distinction
    • Distinctive special event swag bag
    • Car magnet
    • Ten (10) “In Honor of You” cards
  • $500 – CHIC ($42/month)
    • Two (2) tickets to either Beyond the Suit or Dine.Drink.Dress or one (1) ticket for each event
    • Priority check-in at events
    • VIP Access to events
    • Access to special event perks
    • All other “Glamour” level incentives
  • $1,000 – RADIANCE ($84/month)
    • Four (4) tickets to either Beyond the Suit or Dine.Drink.Dress or two (2) tickets to each event
    • 15 “In honor of you” cards
    • Names on Dress for Success Columbus donor wall
    • All other “Chic” level incentives

EVERY gift is important! Donations can be made in monthly installments or in a lump sum. A woman ready to take her next step needs your support today!

We are grateful to Thirty-One Gifts who matched 31 donors for a total of $6,000 to the “Be the Power. Give an Hour” campaign!

Be The Power campaign powered by Thirty-One Gifts